Won Shim H. Dadachanji

From Clay Canyon

Inside this pit of clay
sandstone, I slip from grips
unpromised, pause    to delay

                the climb, take breaths for bricks
                that may disintegrate
                this skeptic. But softened grips

hold proof this body weight
has been deceptive. I know
as clocks disintegrate,

                my skin will tick below.
                Some ropes could maybe save
                me. Someone would have to know

my state. This vertical cave —
this sinkhole — I’ll crawl out
by clawing divots, and save

                remarks on thirst. Without
                my pickaxe on the clay
                sandstone, death is on delay.

Won Shim H. Dadachanji is currently seeking a bachelor’s degree at Salisbury University for English Creative Writing. She has not been published anywhere before now, and she dreams of becoming a successful author and writing editor in the years to come. Raised in Maryland but having family around the world, she loves to travel to new places. However, travelling has come to a brief halt due to immersing herself in finishing her degree and working front desk at a physical therapy clinic. On the other hand, her mind has been doing the wandering, which is shown in her writing. She often uses poetry to flush out her innermost feelings, even if she doesn’t always realize it until she starts the editing process.

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