Will Neuenfeldt


Between two
shaved, suburban legs,
I was raised from
her unkept bush
where buckthorn
and dandelions grow
under the canopy of
dying maples.
I was baptized in
rain puddles eroded
down the gravel road.
I pricked my fingers
on thistles and
scraped knees
on birch bark.
I grew up there
and I will die there
when the razor
shaves my home
into something you
see on the internet;
A landing strip
for Realtor’s selling
bankrolled subscriptions
to sad, married men.

Will Neuenfeldt studied English at Gustavus Adolphus College and his poems are published in Capsule Stories, Freeze Ray, Gyroscope, Parliament, and Red Flag Poetry. He lives in Cottage Grove, MN home of American Pie’s Steven Stifler and a house Teddy Roosevelt slept in.

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