Tameem Zaidat


Can fishes breathe underwater?
Can they frown at me,
               from through the blue-tinted glass?

I’ve watched the treasure chest
spout bereaved bubbles over a hundred times,
opening and closing its unfamiliar mouth.
               What is it saying?

Seeing its movement has slowed,
               i’ve decathected the fish.

I’ve decathected the man,
               seeing its dwindling stares towards me.

He is,
a butterfly, a firework, a clap of his hands.

I’m moving now,
and now I am not.

Tameem Zaidat is a high school senior who loves picking up new activities in various avenues of interest and sharing them with family and friends. Tameem is also interested in finding an ethical path to grow the voices of undermined groups through writing. 

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