Summer 2022: From the Editors

Good morrow earthly critters of delight,

What a pleasure this is to release the fourth issue of our book of beaver. Thank you to Jeri Alexander for providing our new website header. Stay tuned for a feature on her sculpture work in the future!

Late in the eve while squinting our eyes at the bright screen of doom and pleasure, we noticed a profound intimacy with independence. The contributors truly made this issue and have left us all so proud. Feeling close to the shadows of yourself. Being surrounded by the juicy cornucopia of reality but you feel like an empty horned wicker basket. Or feeling so full of fruit and the abundance of existence you pop like a gluttonous tick all alone in the forest of your thoughts.

Don’t cut down the lush giants. Let them pierce the soft blue sky, the clouds that cloak the sun. This year has felt like a growth period of isolation. Learning to let your freak out when you’re alone, unafraid of the socially constructed oddities that plagued you once before. Letting the dam within you crack; to let the baby salmons of your being swim past the reservoir of stringent self reservation. Do not fret with all this freedom, this fam of beavers welcomes you with open paws and open hearts at the end of this river of realization.

We’re stoked you’re here with us. We can only be alone for so long. Your work cocooned us in silky lyric, gave us wings of understanding. We are continually dumbfounded that y’all found our dam mag in the middle of the woods. Thank you for your everlasting love and support through this thicket of trials and tribulations. We hope that you find peace and refuge within these mind melding works.

Thank you forever,

The Editors

Haley Winans
Adam Weeks
Ellery Beck

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