Summer 2021: From the Editors

Welcome to the Dam Family,

We’re stoked to be sharing this first issue with y’all this sweet, mud-hot summer. The Beaver Magazine editors were initially unified through undergrad poetry workshops, and became inseparable ever since. We were mere clawless kits with a scant idea of what artistic trajectory we wanted to strive towards, what our voices were, and how we wanted to create an accessible continuum of art and writing that buzzed with hollowing remembrance.

On a hazy April weekend, we decided to sculpt the skeleton of a dam literary magazine, and let our talented contributors bring the muscle and muse-worthy meat of the works. Our team worked our tails off to hone in on this issue for every reader, contributor and beaver fanatic out there. Nary a twig nor slap of loamy creek sludge out of place.

Our inaugural issue is a cornucopia of all sorts of branches and boughs that fuse during floods and exhale together when the storm passes. This season, year, and lifetime has been a funky one for lots of us; we hope these precious artworks and words bring you peace and pleasure ‘til our second issue! 

Much Love,
The Editors

Haley Winans
Adam Weeks
Ellery Beck

Beaver Art by Michael Beck

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