Shelbey Leco

It’s Complicated / It’s Lonely

Growing up in Southeast Louisiana, outside of New Orleans, Shelbey Leco was always inspired by the swamp terrain and intercoastal waterways. She was raised among a lineage of natural storytellers on both sides of her family. As a young adult, Shelbey explored this through storytelling ethnography. She studied at the University of New Orleans where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Urban Society with disciplines in: education, english, and anthropology. She is very curious about the world, and she never liked being in her little town. She enjoys taking long road trips to see the breathtaking landscapes and terrains the planet has to offer. Now Shelbey is inspired by many regions across the United States. She particularly loves the Southwest region and she tries her best to interweave her: experiences, storytelling, and art all into one. She tends to her succulents, visits local art galleries, packs picnics, and goes on nature hikes. She is a mixed media collage artist, fiction writer, and sewer.

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