Rachel Rodgers

To E (It’s easy to understand why people fell for you)

It’s easy to understand why people fell for you
on stage. Glamorous fire, so much pooling crimson
silk around you. If any were jealous of a dress,
it was this. How they whispered about your bare shoulders.
Scandalous? Kitten, if they even knew half of it,
you purred in the cab; voice hoarse but still full of magic.
For a moment, I wanted to make your voice just mine.
So, I couldn’t help but ask you to recite one more,
one just for me. Heavier with the scent of roses
someone had handed you as we left the theater.
And you leaned across the backseat towards me to whisper
three lines from a poem that you would never write down.
Would it hurt you to know, I cannot remember them?
          –     R

Rachel Rodgers is a poet, or a fool, from Fayetteville, WV. She received her MFA in Poetry from West Virginia Wesleyan College, and her work can be found online at Sad Girls Literary Club and Analogies & Allegories Magazine Issue 6.  When she isn’t writing, she takes care of 6 ferrets, 2 birds, and a one-eyed dog.

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