Narges Anzali

the art of Consumption

i am made to

i can sink my teeth
so good you wouldn’t

i can scroll Look! here
i am collecting Look! i wish
i was her Look! i am
Consuming Look!

i love staring at my square i pay
to stare at my square and then at
people doing things Look! you have
never been worth anything in your
whole whole life Look!

i jump from puzzle piece to
puzzle piece trampolining through
twenty five years of research her
life’s work longest war in history
kids lemonade stand to beat
cancer causing chemical found
in all your food


here is a marmoset Eating
a banana remember everyone
he loves will die soon there has been
someone shot to death in their
car Look!

remember you are worth so much
plastic that it’s in our intestines were
all over the floor in that new show
about the hot killer Look!

all rainwater on earth is now unsafe
to drink here are people taking shots
everytime the leader of their country says
that they deserve to die the puppy goes
into fresh snow for the first time there
is absolutely no hope Look!

put this up to show you feel bad about
killing everything around you even
your future children a little every single day here is
a cat who threw a vase off a shelf some
people think you are the spawn of the
devil here is your weekly reminder to breathe


i am Eating.

Narges Anzali (she/her) is a senior in high school, and is planning (hopefully) to go to a college next fall. In her free time, she can be found reading all of Kurt Vonnegut’s works. You can find her work on Young Writer’s Project, the VT Digger, and the Burlington Free Press.

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