Narges Anzali

Is this a dagger which I see before me?

It’s not that I’m mad at you
It’s just that I’m mad.

Parts of my body have been
breaking off into the river
for days. Chunks of skin
float downstream and cool
water runs over my exposed bones.

My casing gets looser
as the day drags on. It’s a relief;
I’m tired of being hot.
A car slows down. I panic.
It’s 90 degrees out. Some guy
follows me two blocks to the coffee shop.
My stomach swells out.
Cut the crap. Right now. Please.
Please. Please. Please. Please.

No man of woman born because
I will not let the man be born.
I am a murderer and a terrorist.

I hate gas stations.
I hate parking garages.
I hate streets at night
and unlocked cars
and hotel rooms
and the woods
and open windows
and the whole entire world,
you think i’m joking, but i’m not,
really, the whole entire world,

and always, always, always

I am a woman of woman born.
I have always been an angry person.

Narges Anzali (she/her) is a senior in high school, and is planning (hopefully) to go to a college next fall. In her free time, she can be found reading all of Kurt Vonnegut’s works. You can find her work on Young Writer’s Project, the VT Digger, and the Burlington Free Press.

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