Moira Walsh translating Wilfried Schubert


What resonates in me from you?

A con-fusion’s harmony,
two sets of concentric ripples.

The centers far, far —
each beyond the other’s gaze.

Meteor-like long ago,
burst apart at halfway down

in two
from one body.


Was tönt in mir nach von Dir?

Eines Durch-Einanders Harmonie
zweier Wellenkreise.

Die Mitten weit-weit —
jede aus der andern Blick.

Meteorisch herangestürzt vor langem,
zerborsten in halbem Falle

aus einer Kugel.

Moira Walsh, originally from Michigan, makes her home in southern Germany. Her debut chapbook of formal poetry will be published by Penteract Press in 2023. A founding member of Kollektief Dellgart, Moira has (co-)translated poems by Olja Alvir, Ken Mikolowski, Mariia Mykytsei, Halyna Petrosaniak, Wilfried Schubert, and Maë Schwinghammer.

Wilfried Schubert began practicing medicine in 1980 and writing poetry in 1990. He lives in Cologne with his family and dog. Since 2020, his poems have appeared widely, both abroad and in his native Germany.

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