Kiki Vasquez

If I Am Castor, My Sister is Pollux

Not because we balance each other out,
and even less likely
because we are the same,
but because she is my twin
the way no one else is.
We know each other differently.
We love differently.
Stars don’t choose to live
next to one another,
and we don’t choose to reside
with Taurus to the west
and Cancer to the east,
but by the compulsory laws
of helium, or souls,
we do.
On cloudy nights,
my twin is hard to find.
It looks like I am one.
But the constellations
were placed with purpose,
and she and I were meant to be
as far back as creation.
I could travel the globe,
or the galaxy,
and the line between us
would remain as unquestioned
as it was when one end
was placed in her hand,
and the other in mine.

Kiki Vasquez is an emerging writer from San Antonio, Texas. She currently resides in Boston where she received her BFA in Creative Writing at Emerson College. Kiki is the social media manager for Ginger Bug Press, and she is working on her first novel. You can follow her thoughts on the process, and other ramblings, on Twitter @kikijoely. 

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