Justin Lacour

Sonnet (Big Plans)

I want to walk w/ you in the meadow where
all the ex-punks go, the ex-goths go, the ex-kids
into shoegaze go, out where the wind hurts
like an eternity of hangover greys & God
counts flowers like children. If you discuss
your D.I.Y. ethos, I’ll listen. I’ll bring you
gin & limes b/c you deserve more
than a poem that can’t brush pollen from
your hair, b/c you’re mysterious as hobo signs
scratched into a gate, with your penchant
for camp & books that break your heart. If I
compare you to a swan, it’s just to say you’re
beautiful. That’s all. The metaphor is weak; a swan
can’t cry and you always have the decency to cry.

Justin Lacour is the author of My Heart is Shaped like a Bed: 46 Sonnets forthcoming from Fjords Review. He lives in New Orleans and edits Trampoline: A Journal of Poetry.

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