Fall 2021: From the Editors

Welcome Back Beav Team,

We’re so grateful to our Beaver Family for swimming back up our stream for our second issue!

We truthfully didn’t expect this to be issue two. We were inclined for a shorter folio because we had so much work that made us feel but it wasn’t meshing with issue one. So we hoarded, squirrel-style coveting acorns like glittering gems. Beaver kept getting divine art that made our talons tingle, but we needed a lil more poetry. We got a flood of poetry submissions in these two weeks. It tore down the dam y’all. Our submitters continue to exceed our expectations.

As lil baby beavers, buck teeth poking through gums, we’re shocked that beautiful people believe that our dam is a home for their lush wilderness of work. Every day, we crowd around our laptops and claw and cry at the words and brushstrokes of so many lovely individuals throughout the world.

We are so thankful for this love. Thank you for taking the precious time to read our compilation of intricate ecosystems of thought. Our editing team can’t wait to see what this next submission period and year brings. We’re so grateful to every last contributor and reader for helping us build this dam issue and for bringing this little dream of ours to life.

All the Best,
The Editors

Haley Winans
Adam Weeks
Ellery Beck

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