Dorothy Lune

Slipping off the sheets

It’s not that I’m asexual. I slip on that type of stuff.
The sexual side unravels me unnaturally & hastily. I
bet I’d be a hologram in bed. Looking to the side &
laying there like a giant dead goldfish. The sea men
are still intrigued. I fear I’d slip from side to side
as if I were in a bath. The gold curled vintage legs like
a bed frame. Lights off, candles lit. When the bubbles
reach the brim of the water I’ll have to cover my
face with my soap drenched hands. I’d be the one
to crack the bath open like breaking a fish bowl. The bath
legs would pop off like a button. As if I were a big &
clumsy she-hulk-fish hybrid with fat for muscle. A freak.

Dorothy Lune is a Yorta Yorta poet who has been writing poems for 4 years, born in Australia. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Aurora Journal, Alternate route, Open leaf press, Ice lolly review, and more. She started out writing songs, drawing, painting, and writing poems. She found poetry to be the type of writing and medium she loves most and has a debut chapbook entitled Heart planetary coming out in April 2022. Dorothy can be found online @dorothylune.

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