David Eileen Winn

Sonnet With Line From FXX Series Dave

Don’t bring god into this, I’m blessed. Like I’m mylar, my back
rises to the ceiling after fucking, my brain agape like a bear trap
to her whole self snarling. I make beds with sandstone altar tops
& her skin makes brass look like sandpaper. Shorn strands drop
when she shaves her head, intimacy that makes her razor weep
to see itself as worthy. Angels wriggle around our edges, weak
& crying to get their names across our tongues. We turn & scry
for redder signs. No masters but mastery of self, we ruling flies
over even smaller domains. No gods here but ones met screaming
oh god, oh god: hymn with our names in it, invention of dreaming

absent of prayer. She breathes, “Oh, Jesus,” & I say, “He’s not here,”
meaning, he won’t help you; yet we bend our knees, lift up our ears.

David Eileen Winn is a non-binary poet and Ohio native who earned their MFA from Florida Atlantic University while Editor-in-Chief of the school’s literary magazine, Swamp Ape Review. They are currently on the editorial board for Alien Magazine, and their work has appeared in Sundress Publication’s Best of the Net Anthology, Permafrost, Cherry Tree Review, and Small Orange, among others. On Instagram, they go by @thevibeguardian. Without purple pens, much of their work would not exist.

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