Ave Goorbarry

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I’m waiting to kiss under a magnolia tree.
There’s this girl who wears Versace Bright Crystal every time we go out.
The description of the smell matches the girl who wears it.
Peony and yuzu on tanned skin that carries musk—I couldn’t have guessed those smells.
They say lotus flower and magnolia blossoms too.
All the reviews say these obscure scents, I’m just missing the “chilled pomegranate.”
If I’m honest, I get distracted by her when she’s close, it’s not even the perfume.
When she gets close I pay attention to the way her lips carry her smile:
she has lip gloss that is sticky but sweet, and it stains my face like flower sap.
And when I tell you she’s got these big doe eyes?
She’s: honey irises, milky whites, deep pupils—they’re the golden
pools lotus’ wish to bask in.
But her body’s description could never be finished:
sunkissed and poised as if described to be a woman in a Hemingway novel lounging, eating
(Pomegranate and Yuzu of course).
Her way of elegance could be described, but it’s only manifested in great women.
She wore “Bright Crystal” the first time we went out.
We saw a musical, and the valet took forever with my car.
She wore these three-inch light pink heels and this gorgeous patterned dress:
pinks, reds, purples, oranges, golds, greens—she made the colors pop.
She whipped around her dark hair with her purse in hand like time wasn’t an issue.
“Let’s stand in the rain.” She reminded me of a Salinger quote, one that Versace
Bright Crystal reviews couldn’t challenge: “She wasn’t doing a thing that I could see, except
standing there… holding the universe
She grabbed my hand and stood under the theatre’s lights, among the street.
I felt her nails on my face, in my hair, and she pulled slightly at my shirt.
I don’t think I remember the perfume from that moment, though she could swear
she wore it.
She was the universe at that moment—
we were just missing the magnolia petals and yuzu.

Ave Goorbarry is a teenage writer born in New Jersey and currently lives in South Florida. Ave’s writing has won awards regionally from Scholastic Art and Writing and has been previously published in The Firefly Review, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Words & Whispers, The Bibliopunk Lit Zine and remains forthcoming in Dead Skunk Mag, and the Origami Review. Ave is an alumni of The Iowa Young Writers’ Studio 2022 and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Diet Water magazine.

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