Alec Ward

Lost in Translation

Alec Ward is a St. Petersburg based artist who explores colorful multidimensional fields of time and space through his psychedelic blends of collage and liquid acrylic. Inspired by the music and art of the 60’s, Alec sharpened his experimental skills as an Interdisciplinary Art graduate at Eckerd College. Amidst college, Alec created his own business “Far Out Mojo” showcasing his multifaceted works of art that went on to be album covers, logos, website design, and photography. Post college, Alec’s versatility guided him to expand his business with unique goods like screen printed tie-dye clothing, wooden acrylic paintings, and postcard decor. Alec enjoys the spontaneity and bliss of diving into the flow of the unknown when it comes to collage and liquid acrylic. Just like life, you never know what you’re going to get.

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